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Jetblack Espresso specialises in domestic coffee machines (specifically espresso machines)!  Drop in to our showroom in Frenchs Forest and see our Espresso Coffee MachinesCoffee Grinders, coffee accessories and learn more about our Barista Courses. We think we run the best barista courses in town, but don't take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.

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Barista Course on Sydney Weekender

If you are looking for a new espresso coffee machine (not expresso machine!) for home or office or you are interested in coffee classes to improve your barista skills you have come to the right place.  Browse our coffee machines, accessories and barista courses or call us for the best advice available! We freight coffee machines Sydney wide, coffee machines Melbourne wide, in fact all over Australia (overnight to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra).

We're different because we guarantee that you can make great coffee at home. We have the range, the barista skills and the technical know-how to overcome anything that may stand in your way.

We stock all the top brands of Coffee Machines such as Profitec, Lelit, ECM, Rancilio (Rancilio Silvia and Rocky), Vibiemme, Diadema, Expobar, Isomac, Wega, Rocket Giotto and Bezzera, and the top Coffee Grinders such as Profitec, ECM, Lelit, Mazzer, Compak and Macap.

Jetblack is different from other retailers of coffee machines. We don't sell coffee machines that can't make real espresso. Many coffee machines available from department stores and online are claimed to be able to make espresso but the resultant brew can be very disappointing. The espresso machines we sell are guaranteed to produce the rich, sweet espresso found at the best espresso bars. Combined with a quality coffee grinder and in the hands of someone who has untertaken some barista training, for example our home barista course, these coffee machines extract the rich coffee oils out of freshly gound coffee to produce real espresso.

Our Barista Courses include Private Barista Classes, Group Barista Classes and on site coffee training at your home, office or cafe. We can also tailor coffee courses to your specific needs. You can bring your own Coffee Machine and Coffee Grinder or use ours. Our Coffee Courses are better than at other coffee schools because we limit the number of students for each barista instructor to a maximum of 6! (before you book at any coffee school, ensure the student to instructor ratio is not more than 6 to 1 or you will not receive the attention required to progress).

Barista training is highly recommended to get the most out of the type of real espresso coffee machine we sell and service. This is because the "barista" is responsible for preparing the ground coffee "puck" through which the brew water will flow. Making espresso coffee with the coffee machines we sell is a very "hands on" process. But this is the best way to get real espresso.

Come in or call and discover how good espresso can be - at home!

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