About Us

Jetblack Espresso is an Australian company which is family owned and run. We have a bricks and mortar showroom, workshop and parts store and our products are also available online.

Our Mission is to help people achieve perfect coffee at home (or in the Office!). This may require the purchase of a new Coffee Machine or Grinder, or maybe completing a barista course, or it might just require a new group seal. Whatever it takes, we are here to help you enjoy the same fantastic coffee that inspired us to start the business.

We stock dozens of the most popular models. Our showroom has over 50 domestic espresso machines and grinders on display with most available for demonstration. We have a workshop dedicated to maintaining and repairing domestic machines and grinders which operates 6 days a week. We run home barista courses weekly. And we have most parts for most domestic machines in stock. Believe us when we say we take home espresso as seriously as you do!

Jetblack Espresso is an Australian company - ABN: 14 140 480 995.