The 270Wi grinder is the newest coffee grinder which includes incredible enhancements by Baratza with over 40 improvements from the previous 270W model. In this model we see the revolutionary fixed inner burr with a rotating outer burr enabling the 40mm conical burrs to grind between 3.5g and 5.5g of coffee per second. The conical burrs have been engineered to stay sharp for years while retaining far fewer ground. 

The i in Wi stands for intelligent - the grinder can now quickly calculate and self-adjusts after changes in coffee bean or grind size. This grinder also includes Bluetooth connectivity so that you can pair your Sette 270Wi with Acaia's Sette Updater app on iOS to ensure your grinders software is always up to date. The app capability also allows you to monitor, log and track grind sessions, weights and settings specifically made for home ethisiasts, coffee shops and the barista.

The 270Wi gearbox and burrset design provides fast grinding with minimal waste, alongside an integrated adjustment assesmbly offering you a 30 macro step adjustment as well as 9 marked settings of stepless micro-adjustment. Overall the Sette 270Wi handles your ground coffee with consistency every step of the way. 


On top of the features the 270W model the 270Wi has:

  • The built in Acaia scale now learns from itself, dosing by weight more consistently while also accounting for micro-vibrations when dosing (like people walking by or doors closing)
  • Software updates via the Sette iOS app. 
  • 'Quick Burst' feature allos you to add small increments of coffee to your final dose after the grinder has stopped 

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Please note that warranty on this grinder is held with Baratza and all warranty/repair enquiries can be submitted through their support portal.

SKU 73510
Barcode # 0838823001238
Brand Baratza
Shipping Weight 4.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.500m
Shipping Length 0.200m
Country of origin Taiwan

A poor quality product

By: on 21 December 2023
I have owned a Baratza Sette 270wi since 2020, so feel it's time to share my experience. Well, initially I would say I was very happy with the grind quality. However, within 6 months it began making an exceptionally loud noise while operating (I appreciate it's a grinder and makes noise, but this was something else). I contacted customer support, who replaced the grinder (apparently the grinder motor had failed). Now, with the replacement operating for a little over 2 years and now beyond the warranty... I have seen various functions of grinder slowly stop functioning (grind adjustment, dose weighing, etc). It's now at a point where I need to replace the machine. In summary, I feel this is a device designed to last the 12 months warranty. For the cost, I would have been better paying a little more and buying another brand designed to last many years. This is not something likely to improve given that Baratza has since been bought by Breville.

Baratza Sette 270WI

By: on 28 February 2023
This is the second I have purchased, I now have one at the office and home. The first grinder is around 8 years old and has not missed a beat. The ability it has for precise weighing of the group and grinding to your specifications is priceless. Fuss free and easy for anyone to use. Delivers consistency with easy adjustments for coffee as it changes in humidity or age.

Baratza 270 wi

By: on 31 August 2021
Excellent product! Really well made and does a great Job! The only things going negatively are that they dont tell you about shimming the machine without which it does not work for an espresso machine. And secondly due to static the best way to use the machine is through the coffee catch bin provided, otherwise it makes a mess. A solid 4.5

Very happy with the Sette 270WI

By: on 25 April 2019
I've owned a Breville Dual boiler 920 and the first edition smart grinder for some years now. I always suspected the grinder wasn't that great, preventing me from really easily being able to dial in my shots. Since upgrading to the Sette 270Wi I've been really pleased. No more clumping and I'm finding a much more fluffy and consistent grind that allows me to produce wonderful espressos and flat whites. The combination of the stepped major grind setting and the stepless minor grind setting is brilliant. Every day or so I need to make fine adjustments which are easy to do. I feel more confident with dialing in my shots. The scales are on the whole are great but it can have a wobbly from time to time which I can easily forgive as the beans and humidity plus temperate change. Should it under grind then a simple tap of the play button adds 0.1g each press. Mostly grinds (target 18g) are hitting between 18-18.2g which is perfect. I was slightly concerned about staying with conical burrs but they are more than fine, producing great results. The grinder is fast with minimal residual remaining in the grinder. It isn't exactly quiet though and noisier than the older smart grinder. Overall, a great purchase and one I hope others will also be very happy with. PS great service and support from the Jet Black team too - thanks!


By: on 13 January 2019
I had tried to "get away with" a lesser grinder but could never get a decent espresso. It was never fine enough or it had too many "fines" in it. The accurate weight and consistent grind of the 270Wi have been brilliant. The level of "fines" is very low and it's easy to clean up when changing blends or opening a new bag of beans, because there's very little coffee left in the chute after a run. It also has meant that there's never more than about a gram of "old" coffee in the next grind. My only niggle with it, is that the arms holding the group handle could be a little lower (say 5mm) so that the pile of coffee (I use a 20g basket) ends clear of the chute. I'm having to tap the sides of the group handle to settle it into the basket - so it's clear of the chute when I go to remove the group handle. Aside from that, it's made a massive difference to the quality of the espresso I can make. I'd give 5 stars if the group handle could be set just 5mm lower.

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