ECM Puristika

Author: Charlie  Date Posted:27 August 2020 

ECM Puristika

The ECM Puristika is an interesting new model from the respected ECM brand. Due in 2021, it provides the purist espresso lover a machine which does not have a facility for steam production - cappuccino and latte lovers should look elsewhere!


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By: on 17 September 2020
Frank's concern is valid, as this limits the potential pool of buyers... But so does a big and expensive dual boiler machine. I bought the Quick Mill Carola precisely because it had no steam wand or other gadgetry. So I'm sure this machine will find its crowd. I certainly will be part of it!

hmm ...

By: on 27 August 2020
will be interesting to see how popular this is given it doesn't do steam ... don't most espresso drinkers have the occasional macchiato or piccolo?

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