Welcome to the Pullman 876 Filtration Basket.

  • 876 precision cut holes
  • Fits big base tampers perfectly
  • Smaller hole diameter
  • Maximise your extraction, retain your customers.
  • 4 sizes to suit all blends and shop demands
  • Polished, no burrs, no scratches, no misshaped holes
  • Suited for tampers 58mm - 58.4mm in diameter. BUT for maximum surface coverage, the #BigStep base (58.55mm) provides the best possible result with the baskets.
  • AISI 304 material which is compliant with Europe Food Contact Directive, FDA and ROHS
SKU 73847
Brand Pullman
Shipping Weight 0.1000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.100m
Shipping Length 0.100m
Shipping Cubic 0.001000000m3

Best precision basket?

By: on 17 January 2024
After having tried VST and IMS baskets with various machines such as Rancilio Silvia, Vibiemme Domobar and more recently, the Expobar Minore IV, and without much success, I decided to try the Pullman Precision 17-19g version. Our preferred dose is 18g, so this one seemed to fit the bill. However, at 18g dosage, while the shots tasted great, I found the pucks were very watery and sloppy, requiring cleaning between shots which was a royal PITA. At 18g, there is simply too much headspace between the puck and the shower screen. I found that in order to achieve a puck that knocks out cleanly, I had to dose it at 22g. I roast a variety of my own coffee, and I found this was consistent across all coffees. Just be aware, that these straight sided, high-flow baskets hold more coffee than the stock baskets that come with these machines. I found that in order to brew with an 18g dose again I had to resort to a stainless steel puck screen. This works very well and produces consistent, excellent shots without channelling and the most even flow of the three baskets I have mentioned here, and with a clean puck that knocks out easily. The high polish of the Pullman helps to release the puck easily and is so clean that it doesn't even need a wipe down between shots. The build quality of the Pullman is outstanding. I've looked at it under the microscope and the holes are very precisely machined, as you would expect. It took me a while to learn how to use it properly, but have found my nirvana with the Pullman, albeit with a puck screen. However, I can't help wondering if a small 15-16g basket shouldn't also be in the lineup? If you buy it, be prepared to be patient as these work differently to a stock basket. However, once you get it dialled in, you will love it.

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