Rancilio Silvia M V5

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This is the new Rancilio Silvia M V5 with insulated boiler. Changes from V4 - insulated boiler and different arrangement of power/boiler lights.

There is an "E" version of the Silvia available on some websites. This version is specifically to meet European regulations and is designed to let the Silvia cool down if left on for more than 30mins - which is a disaster given we recommend the Silvia be pre-warmed for at least 30 minutes! We only stock the "M" for this reason.

Why buy Rancilio Silvia from Jetblack Espresso?

  • Our mission is to have you making cafe quality coffee at home. As you progress on your coffee making journey we'll be there at every step to offer our support, whether it's:
    • some know how from one of our barista instructors,
    • an accessory that makes all the difference,
    • a spare part or service from one of our technicians, or
    • an eventual upgrade.
  • We provide your warranty and post warranty service directly - it is not outsourced
  • We stock consumables and genuine Rancilio parts to keep your machine working for years to come
  • If you decide to upgrade the Silvia in the future with a PID kit installed by us you will not invalidate your warranty. A PID kit is not necessary, but many enthusiasts choose to add one to get precise control of brew temperature.
  • We know the Silvia inside and out - we can show you how to get the most from it. Enquire about doing a course as part of your Silvia purchase.

Rancilio Silvia V5 Advantages

The Rancilio Silvia home espresso machine is able to deliver cafe quality espresso and steamed milk good enough for cafe quality lattes and cappuccinos. Unlike appliances sold in department stores, it is manufactured by an Italian company that specialises in Espresso Machine manufacture. It has been designed to last, with key components made of brass and stainless steel rather than Zinc and plastic.

The Silvia must be paired with a quality burr grinder, such as the Rancilio Rocky.

Rancilio Silvia V5 PID options

Buying from JetBlack gives you the opportunity to have a PID kit fitted to your Silvia with a 12 month warranty on the kit and installation.

  • PID Deluxe - finer control of the brew temperature, bypassing the thermostat for electronic control
  • PID with Steam Control - finer control of both brew and steam temperature
  • PID with pre-infusion - brew and steam control through PID, with addition of pump activation for pre-infusion.

Other Machines to consider?

For completeness, other models we sell which should also be considered in this class of machines are:

  • Lelit PL041LEM (a little more forgiving than the Silvia, bigger drip tray and fully stainless steel)
  • Lelit PL042EM with built in grinder save space, dollars and is a cleaner solution than a stand alone machine and grinder
  • Lelit PL41TEMD with built in PID controller provides better coffee, more consistently than a machine without PID temperature control.

Rancilio Silvia - A Closer Look

Key components on the Rancilio Silvia are made from brass - the group head, boiler and portafilter. This ensures great longevity and very good thermal stability.

Thermal stability is required to get great espresso extractions. After pre heating the machine, the heavy brass components will not easily move from their steady-state temperature which helps the brew water stay close to the optimal brew temperature.

Because the brew head and portafilter are made from brass, they will have long service lives. This is in stark contrast to most appliances available from department stores.

Tamper Size

It's important to use the right size tamper for any coffee machine. The perfect size for the Silvia is 58.3mm. We have a PreciseFit tamper custom made for the Silvia.

Rancilio Silvia Specifications:

  • Made in Milan Italy
  • Single 300ml brass boiler, 1100 watts
  • Chrome plated brass portafilter
  • Filter basket size: 58.6mm
  • Ideal Tamper size: 58.3mm
  • Iron supporting frame (black), stainless steel body
  • 2.5L water tank
  • Dimensions: 290 x 235 x 340
  • Weight: 14kg
  • PID kit option available
  • Easy to use ball-jointed steam arm with 1 hole steam tip
  • Extensive user community for advice and support

Rancilio Silvia Accessories:

  • 2 cup portafilter
  • Single filter basket
  • Double filter basket
  • Plastic coffee scoop and tamper
  • Rubber blind disc

Extended warranty: Select up to 5 years total warranty below that will apply to the Silvia (and grinder if chosen). The extended warranty does not apply to accessories or PID kits.


SKU 60065
Brand Rancilio
Shipping Weight 13.8kg
Shipping Width 0.41m
Shipping Height 0.36m
Shipping Length 0.33m
Shipping Cubic 0.05m3

Please refer to our Warranty Policy.

My first coffee machine and happy

By: on 21 July 2017
This shiny thing was my firt proper coffee machine wiht no prior barista experience, I read up how to make a good espresso online and after about 30 coffees I think I pretty much nailed it, just as good as the coffee down my local cafe. You need to make sure the Silvia is well warmed up so 15 mins from turn on and I also draw half a cup of water even when warmed up and then leave for a further 3-4 mins before making a coffee. Overall very happy and worth the investment

Rancilio Silvia is great

20 April 2017
This machine was purchased to replace my Sunbeam Cafe Series (which I used a lot and which made many, many litres of pretty good coffee) when it finally expired beyond cost effective repair. The Rancilio is a big step up from the Sunbeam for coffee quality. Whilst more understanding of the coffee making process is required to use it well, it is still fairly simple to get a really good coffee with the Silvia within a short time. It is a far more robust machine and feels like it will last a long time without the longevity issues of more automated machines. The steaming function is something else too! It easily matches commercial machines for milk texturing. I am using the sunbeam burr grinder and despite what you might read on the interweb, it is absolutely capable of the task for the Silvia. Overall, a great product and great service when purchased online from Jetblack.

Solid and reliable Coffee Machine

By: on 13 December 2016
Although a bit old fashoned the Rancilio Silva is a solid and reliable machine. Our first one lasted +10 years and so we purchased a second without hesitation. The new machine is much the same as the old and started to produce great shots of coffee imediatly.

Can't wait for years of Caffeine!

By: on 7 November 2016
I spent a long time researching coffee machines suitable for the home that don't break the budget.. which is difficult as I am a raging coffee snob from my years of being a barista. Lots of sites and blogs lead me back to this beauty; the Rancilio Silvia. I was concerned about not ordering one with a PID, but I figured heck, I have 4 years of busy cafe life under my belt and have confidence in my abilities. After fiddling with my grinder and working out how long I need the machine on for perfect temperature, its just been perfect coffee after perfect coffee. The most incredible part about this machine is the STEAM! My God, its amazing. My fathers ECM Technika doesn't produce steam as good as my little Silvia. All in all, if you're after a good machine to make you a wake-me-up coffee every morning, this machine will stand for duty every time!

Compact and Easy

By: on 7 August 2016
The Rancilio Silvia M V5 has a small footprint, is easy to use and makes a good expresso coffee. It's almost 100% stainless steel, looks stunning and is easy to clean. I previously had a reconditioned 2007 Baby Gaggia Dose and, for the 2 years I had it, it made good expresso but started leaking like a sieve and the milk frother was inadequate. The Gaggia has two improvements over the Silvio: It times the dose for you and you can see how much water is in the reservoir without having to take the lid off. The major benefit of the Silvio though is it's far superior milk frother. It's far more powerful than the Gaggia. The Gaggia also came with a great handbook that gave you hints on how to make a decent coffee. The Rancilio handbook just tells you how to clean it. I would suggest that the supplier - JetBlackExpresso - include a simple 'How to" manual with each machine they sell.

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