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This machine comes with 2 years warranty.

The Lelit Combi with PID (model PL042TEMD) combines a good quality Italian espresso machine with a burr grinder and PID temperature controller to give you everything you need to make cafe quality coffee at home. The built in PID temperature controller maintains the correct brew temperature and allows fine tuning for different coffee beans. It also controls the steam power to ensure there is enough steam to properly texture milk. The brew pressure gauge shows whether you are brewing at the optimal pressure. The Lelit Combi has earned it's place as one of the best value Italian made espresso machines, and now it comes with factory installed PID.

This model features:

  • dual control PID temperature controller (brew and steam)
  • a brew pressure gauge,
  • 9BAR over pressure valve (OPV),
  • durable metal toggle switches

The grinder built into the Lelit Combi is the PL043MM - the micro-metric version of the PL043. This grinder has conical steel burrs to grind coffee to a fine consistency year after year. The micro-metric adjuster allows for very small adjustments to be made to the grind size with a relatively large turn of the adjusting knob. This give the barista very good control of the grind size.

The PL042TEMD has a 3 way valve so that the group handle can be immediately removed after brewing. This valve also allows the machine to be backflushed. This feature makes the machine easy to use and easy to clean.

The Lelit PL042TEMD has a built in brew pressure gauge which shows whether the brew pressure is optimal. (Too little pressure indicates an under extraction, too much pressure indicates an over extraction). The gauge will also indicate when maximum pressure is reached while backflushing - so that you know when to turn the pump off.

There has been a noticeable improvement in steam strength on this model over older versions of the PL42. This makes all the difference when trying to achieve silky, creamy milk for cafe quality flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos.

The PL042TEMD has a true 9BAR OPV fitted. This ensures the brew is at the optimal pressure so that bitter coffee does not result as a consequence of high brew pressure. This pressure will be able to be read off the brew pressure gauge when extracting a shot.

This machine is fantastic value when you consider it:

  • is made in Italy,
  • is constructed from quality materials,
  • has a built in dual mode PID temperature controller
  • has a built in grinder
  • makes fantastic coffee - have a look at the video below (model shown does not have the PID)!

Dimensions: 315 x 255 x 368mm (l x d x h) weight 10.2kg

Included accessories

  • ESE filter basket, single filter basket, double filter basket, blind filter
  • 1 Double Portafilter
  • Plastic coffee scoop
  • Plastic coffee tamper

Note. On the latest version of this machine, there is no built in plastic tamper. A quality, stainless steel hand tamper is highly recommended. Also, the ground coffee chute is stainless steel rather than plastic.

Retailers! Contact us if you would like to offer the Lelit brand to your customers.







What size tamper will I need for this machine?

The nominal tamper size for this machine is 57mm, however you will get the best fit in your machine's basket by purchasing a 57.55mm PreciseFit tamper.

Country of origin



Please refer to our Warranty Policy.


  • Model: PL042TEMD
  • Materials: Stainless steel body
  • Boiler: 250ml brass
  • Dual mode PID temperature controller (brew and steam)
  • Ball jointed steam wand
  • 9BAR OPV
  • Tank capacity: 2.7 litres
  • Power: 1250W
  • Size: 32cm wide x 27cm deep x 37cm high
  • Weight 12.2 kg
SKU 69983
Nominal tamper size 57mm
Ideal tamper size 57.55mm
Barcode # 8009437002030
Brand Lelit
Shipping Weight 13.3000kg
Shipping Width 0.430m
Shipping Height 0.520m
Shipping Length 0.430m
Heat up time 5-15 Minutes
Built-in Grinder Yes
Pressure Profiling No
Width More than 29cm
Number of Groups 1 Group
Volumetric Semi-Automatic
Brew Group Ring
Heating System Single boiler
Pump Vibration
Water Supply Internal Tank Only
Steam Valve Type Standard
Temperature Control PID
Height 36cm-39cm
Country of origin Italy


By: on 21 June 2022
Purchased Lelit Anita, with PID, an upgrade from Lelit Combi, took us a while to feel confident in using (a phone call and chat with Daisy helped) and it's fantastic we love it. Thanks JetBlack for another fabbo machine.

Lelit Anita PL42TEMD

By: on 6 May 2022
I bought the Lelit brand because of the great reviews. And it doesn't disappoint. I used to own a Philips Saeco Syntia. Fully automatic, and was very happy. So my review is based on the comparison between the two. Pros: The Italian Lelit is focused entirely on great coffee. With no fancy gadgets. The temps adjust quickly and the boiler means business. The controls are basic, just a switch up or down, no fancy electronics, so less to go wrong. The steam and grinder knobs are the same. Completely uncomplicated and easy to operate. The steamer makes brilliant creamy milk very quickly. Very impressed with this feature. The machine is easy to keep clean and the stainless steel polishes beautifully. I like the small coffee bean container, topping it up in small amounts keeps the beans fresher which provides more crema. The add on Stainless Steel drip try looks perfect and stabilizes the drainage trays beneath. The grind coffee switch / button is excellent. Easy to control the flow of ground coffee. The group handle ( strainer holder) is solid and excellent quality. The cup warmer feature just adds to the experience. Cons: / And suggestions The instruction manual was not easy to comprehend. The manual should place more emphasis on cleaning the group head and handle (strainer holder retaining ring and strainer holder) and the steam arm, purging after every use. I purge and use a brush to clean the group head, and wash the handle and strainer cup. Then wipe the steam arm thoroughly, and purge using the hot water mode. The water tank would be much easier sliding out from the side rather than being lifted out from the top. The on/off switch could be better placed, maybe on the front (with an indicator light) instead of the back of the machine. The drip try and grinder spill tray (drainage trays) could be better fitted. There is too much movement and they don't sit flush. You need to buy the S/S drip tray. When the group handle (strainer handle) is fitted, there is very little room to slide cup underneath without tilting the cup a lot. (Less than 90mm clearance. And less than 80mm when using the S/S drip tray.) Final thoughts. It's obvious the Italians like small cups with strong hot coffee. Maybe a little design adjustment is required for the Australian Market. But there is no mistaking the Italian quality. I love the " holy" process for making my own coffee from scratch. And with this machine it really does taste Divine.

Very Happy

By: on 22 October 2020
I am very happy with this machine, not only does it look good but it is making good coffee. The grinder inclusion allows for an easy adjustment for a variety of grinds and after two weeks I am mastering the milk frothing to make my perfect flat white. Jetblack's easy to follow direction sheets make cleaning and operation easy.

Lelit combi PL042TEMD

By: on 21 October 2020
Upgraded from a delonghi magnifica. Takes a little getting used to; weighing, grinding, distributing, tamping and finally pulling the shot....but worth it. Looks good and is way easier to keep clean than the semi-auto.

LeLit Combi PL042TEMD

By: on 26 July 2020
Have had this machine for a few weeks, enjoyed learning how to get the best espresso from it. I am happy with my choice, it has lived up to the good advice I received from JetBlack.

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