Making a perfect cup of coffee means using quality tools to help reduce variables to ensure you are consistent each time. Grind distribution is one of the many variables that can impact on quality and consistency of each shot. That is, until the invention of the OCD (ONA CoffeeDistributor), and now with the release of version 3, the depth is easily adjustable to accommodate the desired dose and basket depth.

A textured, non-slip design around the sides provides grip and durability while the brass body helps eliminate static electricity, allowing for more even extraction.


  • Lightweight build: the OCD V3 is 100g less than previous versions.

  • The OCD 3 features four angled slopes that efficiently, evenly and consistently move the coffee around in a circle motion to create an even puck.

  • The OCD V3 also features an advanced, static-reducing coating on the cross-arm base, eliminating build-up of coffee grinds on the base.

  • Available in Black, Titanium and Silver

*OCD range has been superseded by the NCD range, black NCD currently available here

Please refer to our Warranty Policy.

SKU 74011
Brand ONA
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg
Shipping Width 0.008m
Shipping Height 0.008m
Shipping Length 0.008m

OCD Just Brilliant

By: on 6 March 2021
I started using just the OCD with no tamping, and have never produced a better coffee. Absolutely no need to tamp as long as you have your grind dialled in. I would recommend the OCD to anyone.

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